Be a Boss

Jadilah seorang Boss.. bukan seorang peminpin.. Kenapa??

* Boss drives people
Leader inspires people
* Boss depends on authority
Leader depends on goodwill
* Boss evokes fear
Leader generates two-way trust
* Boss says “I “
Leader says “we”
* Boss is self opinionated
Leader asks for your opinion and values it
* Boss you flee from
Leader you go to
* Boss shows you who is wrong
Leader shows you what is wrong
* Boss blames
Leader finds the problem and helps you solve it
* Boss knows how it is done
Leader knows how to do it
* Boss demands respect
Leader commands respect
* Boss takes your success
Leader shares success with you
* Boss is a team interloper
Leader is a team member
* Boss is infallible
Leader is fallible
* Boss is not a leader
Leader is not a boss


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