/ ip firewall nat
add chain=srcnat out-interface=wan src-address=
action=masquerade comment=”” disabled=no
add chain=dstnat in-interface=local src-address=! protocol=tcp
dst-port=80 src-address-list=port scanner action=redirect to-ports=8082
comment=”transparant web” disabled=yes

set enabled=yes src-address= port=8082 hostname=”router”
transparent-proxy=yes parent-proxy=
cache-administrator=”webmaster” max-object-size=4096KiB cache-drive=system
max-cache-size=131072KiB max-ram-cache-size=unlimited



  1. duh masih kurang paham……mungkin butuh di jelaskan satu per satu biar yang pemula juga ngerti kaya saya 😀


  2. boleh kok bos..
    mulai dr bagian mananya?

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